Diaspora Music

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    A warm welcome from Diaspora - Dia daoibh a chairde!

    Picture of the bandWe have been described as a long established “feel good” Irish Band, which celebrates the music and traditions of the historic Irish Diaspora and entertains with an eclectic mix of Folk and other influences - listen to our music, read about us, judge for yourselves!


    Well, another Open Mic Session has come and gone. We fielded three band members. Danny is still in the far reaches of Italy emailing us about troglodytes and missing the music; Kevin was much preoccupied with other matters, so it was John, Chris and Robert who played to a small but appreciative audience. We were joined by Carey who played first fiddle to our tunes and songs and then borrowed Robert's Guild guitar to accompany herself on a great number involving yodelling, a first for Eli's we think. We are at present planning to return on 29th June and 27th July, but we have to say that we are losing some of the players who we need to make it an open mic session. As it happens we three performers were able to rehearse a set we are playing on 5th June at a very Irish wake.  While it's always a pleasure to perform at Eli's,  if we find that the appetite for the open mic session has dwindled, we'll have to give some thought to whether we keep it up. We'll be having a break in August before returning in September, we hope.