Diaspora Music

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A warm welcome from Diaspora - Dia daoibh a chairde!

Picture of the bandWe have been described as a long established “feel good” Irish Band, which celebrates the music and traditions of the historic Irish Diaspora and entertains with an eclectic mix of Folk and other influences - listen to our music, read about us, judge for yourselves!


Diaspora have not been idle during lockdown, and we spent several weeks having Zoom meetings where we worked on a number written by Kevin called Somerset Child which we are pleased to tell you is now featured on our website - so go to Audio/video and there it is (along with A Fairy Tale of New York recorded at Eli's a few years ago).  We are hoping to get some airtime on local BBC radio to allow our fans to have a listen.  We'll keep you posted on progress and if the BBC allow John to be interviewed we'll tell you when so you can tune in.