Diaspora Music

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A warm welcome from Diaspora - Dia daoibh a chairde!

Picture of the bandWe have been described as a long established “feel good” Irish Band, which celebrates the music and traditions of the historic Irish Diaspora and entertains with an eclectic mix of Folk and other influences - listen to our music, read about us, judge for yourselves!


Not one, but two chances to hear us as we return to Drayton on 2nd September! For details go to the gigs page and decide which time suits you. Or better still, come along to both as we shall be playing a variety of numbers from our extensive repertoire.

Postscript to the Open Mic reorganisation referred to here. Our informants tell us that Eli's was packed on the last Thursday in June. We hope you'll return in July and keep the tradition going. We plan a return in September when we may rejig the programme to reflect guests wishes.

We explained this would be the case some time ago but just to confirm the position,  due to lack of band members (several overseas and others unable to make it), we didn't organise the Open Mic session at the end of July, and we customarily don't hold one in August. Back to normal in September and in the meantime we wish you all a great summer. 

Eli's Open Mic night - Sorry but the band can't make it on Thursday as three of us are away out of the country, and we have decided that we can't host it with just the two of us. So if you want to come over to Eli's and play unplugged, by all means do so -  Steve says you'll be welcome.

Looking ahead to July and August, at present, it looks like we're not going to be able to make the last Thursday in July and we normally take a break anyway in August. But we have every intention of making a big comeback in September by which time our travelling members should be back in England