Diaspora Music

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A warm welcome from Diaspora - Dia daoibh a chairde!

Picture of the bandWe have been described as a long established “feel good” Irish Band, which celebrates the music and traditions of the historic Irish Diaspora and entertains with an eclectic mix of Folk and other influences - listen to our music, read about us, judge for yourselves!


Apologies to all our friends, but as you might have guessed we have had to postpone or cancel the two gigs planned for 17th and 21st March.  We do hope that the coronavirus epidemic will pass and that we can in the not too distant future play again - we are  keen to perform both at gigs and at the Open Mic Sessions;  but for the time being we shan't be hosting an Open Mic Session at Eli's, though you can come along and play there (if the government permits!).

We'll let you know when we're able to get back to normal.


Take care in the meantime, and we'll drink a toast to you all tonight (17th March, St. Patrick's Day)